This is Plantise!

Plantise is the new name of an ambitious merger combination of 3 established businesses in the horticultural sector. In 2017 it was decided to formally ratify the merger by mid-March 2018. Until around 2021, the 3 companies will be carefully interwoven and the intended growth (international and professional) can take shape. After this, the three individual names will disappear. Until then, we would like to refer you to one of the merger partners for all operational matters (click on one of the three logos above).


Plantise power

After the merger, Plantise will be among the top three of the 20 or so large nursery businesses in the Nether­lands,* with 55 hec­tares of green­house area distri­buted over 7 loca­tions (2x Bleis­wijk, Berkel & Roden­rijs, Naald­wijk, Bergschen­hoek, Baarlo and Kessel).

With a turnover of around € 75 million*, Plantise controls around 15% of the plant nursery market* and we are market leaders in the field of organic propa­gation. In total there is a perma­nent work­force of around 200, with a further 400 tempo­rary staff added during busy times, inclu­ding both Dutch and foreign nationals.

We are also active on the inter­national stage, with 90 hec­tares of land devoted to propa­ga­tion by some 25 different businesses. Foreign revenue comes in from countries like Mexico and Hungary. Projects are under develop­ment in Canada, India, Austra­lia and China. All in all this is a major enter­prise!

*2017 Figures

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